Welcome to Nature Kids

We want your Nature Kid(s) to have a wonderful time with us, below are a few resources and tips on how to prepare for your Nature Kids experience.

What to Bring

Below is some important info to ensure your child’s comfort and safety during their time with us. Having warm dry clothes and comfortable gear will maximize your child’s positive experience outdoors!


Please label bag and contents with child’s name.

  • Extra Clothes: short sleeve, long sleeve, sweater, pants, shorts, socks, underwear, extra warm hat and mittens (cold months), and closed toed shoes
  • Lunch: Simple nourishing lunch in non-breakable containers
  • Other: medication

  • Water Bottle: non-breakable labeled with child’s name
  • Snack: simple nourishing food in non-breakable containers
  • Whistle: to wear around their neck (on a string long enough to slip over their head – only necessary for Early Years program but encouraged for all programs)
  • Mitts and Hat: waterproof mitts, sunhat and/or toque – based on season.

What your child needs to wear
(The “Nature Kids Uniform”)

Please have child fully dressed for the weather and ready for adventures when they arrive.  Note that the weather changes frequently in Tofino so it is important that you pack them layers.

Cold / Wet days (fall, winter and spring):

  • Body layer 1: Long underwear, top and bottom *no cotton please!
  • Body layer 2: Wool or fleece sweater and pants to wear under rain gear
  • Head: Toque
  • Hands: Waterproof mittens or gloves
  • Neck: Scarf or neck warmer
  • Feet: Wool socks
  • Full set of waterproof gear; jacket, pants and boots (sturdy, lined, flexible boots with rugged soles for climbing and hiking). If child wears “gum boots” they must wear thick wool socks.

Warm and Dry days (summer):

  • Torso: Short sleeve, long sleeve, sweater and jacket
  • Legs: Long pants (helps protect from scrapes in the forest)
  • Head: Sunhat
  • Feet: Closed toed, sturdy shoes
  • Sunscreen on

Leave at Home
  • Toys and other special items that may get lost
  • Sugary snacks and drinks
  • Glass containers

Clothing to be kept at home (unsafe to wear while hiking through the forest, climbing and running):

  • Dresses, skirts, tank tops
  • Open toed sandals and flip flops (Can bring to wear on the beach but must have a change of hiking clothes in their bag).

Thank you for your cooperation in having your child prepared for many amazing outdoor adventures with Nature Kids!

Program Considerations

Tofino Nature Kids is a nature immersion program. We spend almost all of our time together outside. Please consider if your child will be comfortable in an outdoor learning environment. Your family must be committed to ensuring your child is suitably dressed and fully prepared for the weather every day. We do have a small covered area for especially soggy or windy times.

Our program only has invisible walls, therefore, our programs are not suitable for children who are prone to uninhibited “wandering”.