At Tofino Nature Kids we believe children should have fun and experience hands-on learning. We provide children with an environment where they feel comfortable to explore their learning at their own pace. We strive to create a deeper connection with nature, using the outdoors as our classroom and Mother Nature as the Facilitator.

At Tofino Nature Kids, the instructor’s role is to help guide children in their learning. Children are born with the desire to learn, and as instructors, we are here to help them fulfill this desire. We help facilitate children’s curiosities, expand their imagination, and safely guide them on adventures. We believe that a combination of child and instructor-led activities help the children develop their social, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. We hope that every child in our program feels safe and nurtured as they grow from the inside out. Children learn best through play. As Maria Montessori said, “Play is the work of a child”. When children are playing some areas where they are learning include, developing their problem-solving skills, discovering their limits, and practicing fine and gross motor skills. We will focus on child-led activities where we will provide the materials and environment necessary for your child to explore their interests and learn new concepts and ideas. We strongly believe in embracing diversity and invite all children to attend. We believe that it is important for children to develop a connection with nature and their surroundings. We use a combination of Forest School Philosophies, tune in to children’s interests, and support them by following their lead. We weave literacy and numeracy into daily activities and take advantage of on-the-spot learning opportunities. We deeply respect children, their opinions, and their learning. We will use positive guidance strategies, including listening attentively, setting limits, conflict resolution, and responsibly managing their emotions. We have an open-door policy. Caregivers are welcome to join us at any point should you like to see how our program is run. You know your child best, so we would like to keep an open line of communication to ensure that we can provide your child with the best care possible. We believe in teaching your children how to be brave, independent, strong, and creative. We support your children in taking chances and trying their best. We help them develop respect for the environment and a sense of wonder and adventure. We help them grow into caring, compassionate human beings.

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